Deliver Services Seamlessly

ShineWing Japan provides a wide range of services including auditing, financial and accounting advisory, taxation and BPO services. Furthermore, utilizing ShineWing International’s network, we can provide these services globally.

Assurance & Advisory

We provide auditing and advisory services related to the accounting process depending on the stage of the client’s business. For audits, we provide the best and most suitable services for statutory audits (Companies Act audit, etc.) and voluntary audits. For accounting advisory services, we provide the best and finest service when it comes to month-end closing, quarterly financial results, consolidated financial statement, early closing of accounts, accounting audit support, IFRS (International Financial Reporting Standards), etc.

Audit & Advisory

・Audit (Statutory Audits (Companies Act audit, etc.) and Voluntary Audits)
・IFRS Support
・Advisory Service for Monthly, Quarterly or Consolidated Financial Results
・Advisory Service for Strategic Management Accounting and Cost Accounting Introduction
・Advisory Service for Accounting Policy Formulation and Accounting Method Examination

Risk Advisory

・Support Services for Establishing Internal Controls
・Support Services for Internal Audit

Corporate Finance

Companies who consider mergers and acquisitions (“M&A”) as a way to expand their business are increasing. At ShineWing Japan, we provide comprehensive advisory services from pre-M&A to post-M&A, including formulation of M&A plans and business succession plans, due diligence, contract negotiation support, etc.

・Financial advisory (FA)
・Financial and tax due diligence
・Trademark Valuation
・PPA (Purchase Price Allocation)


We provide tax advisory services that best meets the needs of our clients’ business scale and phase. We also provide a wide range of international tax advisory services, including anti-haven taxation, transfer pricing taxation, foreign tax credits and tax treaties.

・Tax Reporting and Consultation Service
・Property Tax and Inheritance Tax Planning Service
・International tax services

Business Process Outsourcing

We provide comprehensive BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) services to help you streamline your company operations, minimize your labor costs, and enable full focus on your core business.

・Bookkeeping service
・Payment Processing Service
・Invoice Processing Service
・Company Establishment Services in Japan