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日垣 秀庸

Hidenori Higaki

Certified Public Accountant/
Certified Public Tax Accountant
Language Japanese

He joined Showa Ota & Co. (* the precursor of Ernst & Young ShinNihon LLC) in 1996, participating in audit projects for Japanese companies and preparation for IPO. He has been a board member of a real estate fund since 2005, mainly engaged in preparation for IPO. The fund company went public and listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange Mothers market in 2006. He then became an advisor for a PE fund in Japan, where he was involved in Corporate Planning and internal control. Since 2015, he has been started operating his own tax accounting firm independently, mainly managing real estate funds, engaging in numerous IPO support operations and providing financial advisory work and due diligence services in M&A. In 2020, he became a partner of ShineWing Japan LLC.